"Research of the People, by the People, for the People"

Inform communities of the opinions of the people.

Engage individuals and communities in an active collaboration through convenient, un-biased, and representative two-way communication.

Inspire people to act.

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Sign up with Community Insight™, the Web-based research panel that POPULUS® uses for its community surveys. Your email address is not shared with anyone and is only used to contact you for research purposes.

Community Insight™, managed by POPULUS, is a revolutionary new concept in unfiltered public feedback. Community Insight is a community oriented Web-based research panel that enables the independent, objective, statistically valid, and unfiltered public feedback used to inform the populace and improve the local institutions and organizations that serve them.

At the core of Community Insight are two key principles. The first is scientific, independent, citizen satisfaction research that is statistically valid, balanced-to-the-census, and with no political affiliation. The second is the publication of the full, unfiltered results of the research.

It is our belief that Community Insight will improve local communities from the ground up by improving the quality of the services delivered and thus the well-being of the citizens.

As an independent and established market research company, POPULUS® provides the expertise, tools, and experience necessary to administer the surveys and report the results in order to maintain scientific validity, objectivity, and independence.