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Best Places to Live Program

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Community Insight is now supporting the Best Places to Live Program being operated by a number of community newspapers.

The Community Insight Best Places to Live Program is a subscription-based service offered to community newspapers that consists of 5 surveys, each conducted annually on a 2-month schedule. The first annual survey will run in the months of January and February, the second in March and April, and so on.

The goal of this program is to improve local communities by:

The topics for the research (i.e. institutions targeted) are:

This Program recognizes and enhances the collaboration within communities between the people, the local institutions (government, schools, health care providers, merchants, and employers), and the local, community newspaper.

Community Insight, the Best Places to Live Program, and each survey are administered by POPULUS, an independent marketing research firm, in operation since 1984, with no political affiliation. This is to ensure the surveys are conducted with the highest level of scientific rigor possible for these studies and that the results are reported in an unbiased and complete manner.

Vision for the Valley

The first project for Community Insight(TM) was to contribute to the Vision for the Valley initiative organized by the Idaho Statesman.

We are no longer collecting surveys for this initiative.

Click on the following link to learn more about the Idaho Statesman's Vision for the Valley effort (

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